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2018-2019 Mevlana Exchange Programme Approved Lists as Submitted by Higher Education Council (04.05.2018)

Dear Partners,

We have received the final lists from Higher Education Council regarding approved incoming students and staff. You may find the whole list attached herewith this mail.

Please bear in mind that your students and staff can withdraw/waive their rights to scholarship until July 13th, Friday. Following the withdrawal, we can transfer the scholarship amount to another scholarship-free student of yours (bear in mind that their name must be on the attached list, otherwise the scholarship amount cannot be transferred), subject to Higher Education Council's approval.

As for your students, please prepare Information Form and Learning Protocols attached with this mail. In order to select courses with their professors, your students can consult our http://oidb.odu.edu.tr/ogrenci/ebp/organizasyon.aspx?kultur=en-US&Mod=1&Menu=0. We also need Passport scan, a photograph scan, information of birth date, birth place, nationality, father's name, mother's name, and preferred semesters of mobility. Your students will submit these documents and information to you, then we will receive them altogether from partners until August 3rd, Friday.

As for staff mobility, please ask your professors to fill in the Information Form and Mobility Form attached with this mail. We also need their passport scan, and information regarding their preferred dates and duration of mobility. Maximum allocated duration of mobility is stated on the attached "Approved Staff List". The deadline for submitting staff documents and information is the same, August 3rd, Friday.

Our fall semester will commence on September 7th, while the spring semester will start on February 4th.

2018-2019 Approved Incoming Staff to and Student to ODÜ Website Link: http://mevlana.odu.edu.tr/index.php/haberler/54 



For more information:  

Phone: 0 452 234 50 10 ve Internal: 6164


e-mail: mevlana@odu.edu.tr

Mevlana Exchange Program Coordinator


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